Israel is a globally leading hub of over 450 innovative technological solutions for the agricultural and food industries. As the source of drip irrigation and rapid advances in both data and bio-engineered products, Israel has an incredible amount of disruptive applications to offer.

As part of Growing IL and Start-Up Nation Central’s efforts to support these sectors and drive innovation for them locally and globally, we are pleased that you have joined us for the Annual AgriFood-Tech Global Investors Summit. 

From November 9-11, 2020, enjoy this opportunity to connect, enjoy fascinating panel discussions, and set virtual F2F meetings with the elite of the AgriFood-tech ecosystem. 

Don’t forget to participate in the Startup, Investors, and Partners expos to discover hundreds of Israeli AgriFood-tech startups who are looking to raise capital, dozens of global investors who are looking to invest in the Israeli tech ecosystem, and partners who are looking for collaboration opportunities.


GrowingIL is a non-profit joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute, Ministry of Economy, Digital Israel and Start-up Nation Central.

GrowingIL aims to develop the Israeli Ag-Tech ecosystem and reshape Israeli agriculture to meet emerging global food needs through the implementation of groundbreaking technologies. Connecting the different parties in the Israeli Agtech ecosystem with each other and with global players, GrowingIL is fostering collaborations and organizing events that address unmet needs of the ecosystem.

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Doron Meller
Executive Director

Dana Kedar
Community Manager

Find us in the networking zone to explore future collaborations

ABOUT Start-Up Nation Central

Start-Up Nation Central is an independent non-profit that builds bridges to Israeli innovation. We connect business, government, and NGO leaders around the world to Israeli innovation; we help develop technological sectors with high-growth potential; and we accumulate knowledge and generate in-depth insights about Israel’s innovation sector.  

To learn more about the AgriFood-tech sector, please visit Start-Up Nation Finder, a free, easy to use, up-to-date platform for discovering and connecting with Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators.

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Yariv Lotan
Head of Strategic Sector Development
Start-Up Nation Central

Taire Brown
Marketing Manager AgriFood-tech
Start-Up Nation Central

Rita Yancovsky
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Start-Up Nation Central

Talia Shekel
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Start-Up Nation Central

Shmuel Rausnitz
Research Analyst – AgriFood-tech, Clean-tech
Start-Up Nation Central

Find us in the networking zone to explore future collaborations